The Daily Mail has revealed UEFA’s plans for the next 2020/21 season. It seems football fans are likely to witness the craziest season ever.

The British tabloid claims that the plan has already been developed, which will lead to a real war between the clubs and the teams.

According to UEFA’s plan, the new football season will start in mid-September, and it will be very busy. The reason for this is the coronavirus pandemic. UEFA has yet to complete its current season. The European Cup is also coming to an end, which UEFA intends to do in the 23-day period in August.

According to the plan, the final of the Champions League will be held on August 29. After that, there will be only a 16-day break before the national championships in different European countries. Including the English Premier League.

Moreover, there will be no break between these two dates. There will be matches of the second season of the UEFA League of Nations. So, the players of the advanced clubs will be at the disposal of different teams for two weeks.


The season will be hot and tense.


The South American players will go to the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Let’s not forget the Champions League and Europa League qualifiers, which will not be held in July-August. So, it looks like they will start with the start of the season.

The season will be hot, and the clubs will be obliged to send the players to the national teams again. This will happen in mid-October.

The estimated start date of the group stage of the Champions League is October 20. From 11 to November 17, there is likely to be a team pause again.

The group stage of the CL and Europa League cannot be completed by the end of February. There will be no two-month pause between the group stage of the Euro Cup and the playoffs. The playoffs will begin in two weeks.

The major leagues in Europe will end in mid-May, with the Champions League final scheduled for the end of May. This will complete the tensest season in the history of football, but in the summer, the players are waiting for the European Championship.