Uli Stielike does not think the champions should have had a penalty kick at Camp Nou on Saturday.

It was not a penalty

Uli Stielike understands what it’s like to stand in for Real Madrid against Barcelona in El Clasico, but the former player does not think the champions should have had a penalty kick at Camp Nou on Saturday. Sergio Ramos went down under a challenge with Clement Lenglet, which saw a spot-kick awarded. Still, the Catalans have since expressed disappointment with the decision, and the Uli understands their position. “I don’t think it was a penalty because I think there is a previous foul from Sergio,” Stielike said of the incident. “We’re ruining football with VAR if we keep stopping every game for two minutes to see if it’s a goal or not. Football is spontaneous. But things are going badly. We are killing football.” Continuing on VAR, Uli explained that he could understand its use in big games, but not every week.

Stielike doesn’t like VAR

“I don’t like VAR,” added Stielike. “It was all held from Thierry Henry’s handball against Ireland, but it was for the World Cup, it was a special and unique thing. Now it has become a daily occurrence, and it doesn’t have to be. It would be fine if it were left for special games.” Stielike also spent time with Borussia Monchengladbach in their playing days, which Real Madrid face in the Champions League this week. “There is no favourite in these games,” Stielike said. “Although Real are at a very high level, anyone can beat anyone. Borussia are in a great run at the moment. They have a new coach, and they are playing excellent football.” Post-pandemic football is large without fans in the stadium, and that, like the VAR, is not comfortable for Uli.

“Without fans and with VAR are things that bother me in modern football,” continued Stielike. “But we have to accept it. It takes the pressure off the away teams and the referee. That is why we see more away wins than under normal circumstances. How Cadiz were going to Real Madrid and winning.”