Zlatan Ibrahimovic posted a photo taken in the form of a team. His post has the biggest response on social media. Veteran Goleador plans to return to the Swedish national team?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic loves to be in the centre of attention and may have published this post just for that purpose. But the fact is that there have been discussions and speculation that he wants to return to the Swedish national team.

It is also a fact that Rloem, a 39-year-old Swedish centre-forward, is in excellent form and is playing in Serie A as in his best years. In 4 matches of the Italian championship, he managed to score 7 goals and has one assist. On Sunday, Ibra decided the fate of the match between Milan and Udinese with a very effective scissor-kick.

As for the post: Zlatan posted a photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in which he is in the uniform of the Swedish national team and wrote the following text: “We’ve not seen each other for a long time.” According to the interpretation of most of his ‘followers’, Zlatan wants to return to the team. Recall that Ibra left the Swedish team after the 2016 European Championship. He has 62 goals in 116 matches for the national team.

However, since then, Ibrahimovic has expressed his desire to return to the national team several times. The last time he did so was before the 2018 World Cup, although the head coach did not call him. Even now, there is little chance that things will change. The Swedish team will play Denmark on November 11, and 3 days later – in the League of Nations, Croatia.