Dana is back with another episode of the “Off the pitch”. She will review the latest rumors and news in the football world.

Is Neymar connected with a new girl?

PSG’s forward is linked with a new girl. Neymar is constantly liking the posts of the model Melodie Penalver. Melodie is a very popular model, she has worked for Glamour in the last few years. Neymar got injured a few weeks ago and he will miss the first half of January. Although he is injured, Neymar is still grabbing the headlines of the magazines and newspapers. Fans are happy with this relationship and they want it to make it happen. Neymar’s latest activity on Instagram confirms that he has fallen for Melodie. Ney’s fans are happy about it.

Sanchez is not happy with Jose Mourinho

Davinson Sanchez was very good at the start of the season. Sanchez hoped that Jose could give him more play time. Jose’s Tottenham had a perfect start in the Premier League. They were in the first position but soon they dropped many points. Currently, Tottenham is already a few points away from the leader Liverpool. Davinson is not happy because the Tottenham coach gives him very limited play time. England’s tabloid already connects Davinson with AC Milan. Sanchez himself is not against the transfer. He wants to get more play-time, so if it will be in Milan, Sanchez would be happier. Keep in mind that Milan is the leader of Serie A and that’s how the team finished Serie A table in 2020.

Is Mo Salah unhappy in the Premier League?

Egyptian forward talked with the newspaper last week. He confirmed that he seems a bit unhappy in the Premier League. Mo Salah said that he wants to join a different league and La Liga will be the perfect choice. Salah noted that La Liga is a perfect place for him, so Barca or Real Madrid could be options. Liverpool fans were not happy with Salah’s statements. There were thousands of new comments on Salah’s social network pages. Fans are not happy indeed and they ask Salah to stay. They also remind him that Liverpool played also big role in Salah’s development and success