Real Madrid has shown massive potential in Istanbul. Los Blancos players won the significant match with a one-goal lead, and now they are second in Champions’ League group stage. Valverde and Rodrygo played a fantastic game, so it will be hard for Zidane to choose starting lineup in the next matches.

Rodrygo used every minute to prove haters wrong

The Brazilian youngster joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. The youngster went on a summer tour in the US and Asia. Rodrygo and Kubo were both fresh players of Real Madrid, and one of them had to leave on loan. By the end of summer, Japanese prodigy, Kubo, went on loan in Mallorca, and Rodrygo stayed in Real Madrid. As it seems, Zidane was correct as Rodrygo performed high-level football in Turkey.

Zidane gave a chance to Rodrygo from the first minutes. Match against Galatasaray was vital for Real Madrid’s playoff chances, and Rordygo was in starting lineup. It’s a sign that the French coach is trusting Rodrygo, and the youngster has to prove that the coach is right.

No one can stop Valverde

Uruguayan player had an injury. Valverde could not play in summer, so he was unable to help Real Madrid against PSG. The midfielder returned from injury a few weeks ago and joined the starting lineup right away. Zidane has big plans for Valverde, and he is proving haters wrong in every match. Valverde had a perfect game in Turkey, and now he has the potential to become the main man of Zidane.

Spanish Marca’s experts believe that Valverde follows the same footsteps as Casemiro did in 2015. As of now, Casemiro and Valverde are playing together, and they are a perfect duo.

Valverde is the leading player who connects the midfield and attacking line of Real Madrid. Uruguayan is swift and has a high IQ to give passes that we can’t predict.

Modric is back from injury – who should be in the midfield of Los Blancos?

Luka Modric is back from injury, and he will be the primary opponent of Valverde. El Clasico is no postponed on December 18, so Real Madrid has one week before the next match. Who will be playing along with Kroos and Casemiro in midfield? It’s the central question Zidane has to answer next week.