The VAR compromised celebrations and made football game gloomy over the weekend round 1 English premier league games.

VAR Premier League

The first introduction of the VAR in the premier league was last weekend. Everything seemed to work out as it is supposed to be. However, it did not mean  everyone was okay with it. VAR premier league had some controversies.

Let’s begin with Gabriel Jesus’ goal which was disallowed against West Ham on Saturday after Sterling was flagged offside. Sterling was ruled offside by the length of unicorn’s horn! Football can be a game of opinions but sometimes it is good to  base arguments on factual things. If not for the VAR, then, City would  take advantage to get the goal counted. VAR’s duty is clarity and that is exactly what it did.

The Manchester City fans celebrated heartily that their own ‘Jesus’ has scored. The celebration was cut shortly by the VAR and the West Ham fans started to celebrate back. That is the kind of fun VAR can give in a stadium.

The only problem that fans are going to face this season is how the VAR works hand in hand with the center referee. Disallowing a goal is not a big problem. The big challenge comes in the length of time the referee takes to give results after consulting with the VAR. Not seconds as usually but minutes of replaying actions.

Another challenge goes to those watching from the stadium. Unlike those viewing from home, they will have to face the real drama as they await for feedback. VAR is not a big deal for the home viewers because they can predict the ruling before it is officially decided.

The good news is that no one will ever have to suffer again because of the center referee. Players such as Diego Maradona who score goals by using of  hand will be easily noticed with the VAR technology. The fans should always be calm because the main aim of the VAR is to ensure that there is justice for all.

What to expect

Both the players and the fans should be always aware that VAR will remain and nothing can stop it soon. Disallowed goals this season will be many as it started on Saturday with Machester city. However, it will always reveal the truth that the human eyes might not be able to capture