Raphael Varane met with French media during the Christmas holiday. Real Madrid’s defender talked about the inside thing happening at Real Madrid.

Childhood – from being a lovely kid to successful defender

Rafa Varane talked about his childhood and recalled a few moments. French player noted that he was an adorable kid. When others were in a fight, Varane was ready to study and avoid all kinds of aggression. From childhood, Varane recalls his positive and good manners. Rafa said that people thought it would be impossible for me to succeed because he was too nice to everyone.
Raphael Varane says that people think success comes to people who are arrogant and confident in themselves too much. At the same time, Rafa has shown the world that being beautiful and classy could lead you to successful moments in life.

Biggest regret in his career

Varane talked about the most significant changes he missed in a professional football career. Raphael Varane said that absence from Euro 2016 was very heartbreaking for him. Varane noted that Real Madrid fans demand to be on top of the world. Since joining the Los Blancos, Varane said that he started working twice and three times harder than he could ever imagine. At the same time, Raphael said that he was preparing for Euro 2016 for two years. French defender believed that the Euro tournament in his country would be magical for his career, but unfortunately, he could not play because of injury.
Raphael Varane mentioned the injury that set him to miss the Champions League final in 2016. It was the first season of Zidane’s coaching career at Real Madrid. Varane was the leading starting player in defense of Real Madrid, and injury changed the whole scenario. Unfortunately to Los Blancos fans, Varane missed the Champions League final and last tours of La Liga.