Xavier Vilajoana talked with Radio Marca. He is one of the main candidates of Barca’s presidency. He wants to win the elections and start a new chapter in the history of Barcelona. Keep in mind that he worked in many different positions under various presidents. So, he knows many things and what it means to wear Barca’s jersey.

Xavier’s first task after taking the leadership role in Barca

He said that the main task is to talk with Lionel Messi. Xavier Vilajoana said that he is very much interested in Messi’s opinion about Barca’s development. Spanish specialist said that after taking leadership in hand, the first task for him will be a big talk with Messi. He noted that Messi is the biggest player that ever played for Barcelona. Messi’s opinion is very important for Vilajoana, so it’s the main task.

Vilajoana also noted that he wants to build a new Barca. It will be a very long and new chapter in history. Keep in mind that Barcelona is in a very bad financial situation. The club official has a few hundreds millions in debt. Xavi Vilajoana said that the financial situation will be tough. That’s why Barca’s players have to admit what kind of jersey they wear. Barca’s jersey is bigger than any player’s attitude, so they have to be careful with statements. He said that the new chapter in history will be very positive but it may have a very bad start due to the financial and sporting crisis.

Lionel Messi’s bad stats this season

Everyone thought Cristiano’s appearance at Nou Camp could change Messi’s attitude. Unfortunately to Barca’s fans, Messi could not impress anyone with his performance. Lionel Messi was playing well but it’s not the same stat. We can recall Messi who was running up and down, scoring goals on goals. Unfortunately we could not see the same Messi this season. We have to be patient, old Messi will be back soon.