Vinicius Junior met with journalists after the match in Belgium. The player talked about the successful game in Brugge and covered upcoming matches.

The first goal in Champions League

Brazilian youngster was happy after the match. The youngster scored the first goal in the Champions League, and he could not believe it was so easy. After the game, Vinicius thanked Rodrygo and Jovic for giving the assist to him.

After the match, Vinicius Junior said that he was confident for the whole week. Every minute Zidane gave to Vinicius was significant for the youngster. Junior mentioned that trust from the French coach was crucial for him.

Vinicius Junior said that the first goal in the Champions League was fundamental. Junior wants to get Tattoo about the first goal in the Champions League. Before going to Tattoo master, Vinicius Junior has to take approval from his father.

Enjoying the moment, not playing for goals

Brazilian players said that playing for goals is not his main advantage. Vinicius Junior mentioned that Zidane’s club had a different mentality. The whole team has high confidence, and every goal is essential for the team as a whole. At the same time, Vinicius Junior noted that each goal from his teammates is as essential as personal goals.

Comparison with Sterling

Vinicius Junior mentioned the bad steak of Manchester City winger. Brazilian youngster said that Sterling had the worst run of his career during the autumn. Both players are on the same wing and the same goals in respective football clubs.

Brazilian youngster said that even extra class player like Sterling has problems. So, youngster believes that criticism is not fair.

Leaving Brazil at an early age

Vinicius noted that leaving the country was not easy. Brazilian joined Real Madrid at age 18, and as it seems, those times were tough for the player. Junior stated that leaving Brazil was very hard for him. At the same time, Brazilian winger promised to work harder every day to reach his football dreams.