Vinicius Junior gave a very honest interview to Marca’s journalists. He talked about the upcoming games, career and Real Madrid in general.

Freedom on the pitch

Brazilian youngster said that he is the best on the pitch against the opponent. Junior noted that in most cases, he is better than opponent because he is not afraid of anything. Vinicius added that he is not afraid of losing the ball or being laughed at. He said that he goes all in and invests his focus in every particular attacking moment. Vinicius said that freedom on the pitch that Zidane gives him is really satisfying. 

Enjoy every moment on and off the pitch

Junior Vinicius said that the pandemic was tough. At first, no one could believe that a pandemic happened and everyone had to stay at home, etc. He said that 2020 was life-changing for many, including for Junior. Brazilian player noted that he learned biggest lesson in 2020 – stay in the present moment because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Vinicius is happy for every moment on and off the pitch. He said that after lockdowns and pandemic, he became stronger because his focus on the present moment increased and that’s why his performance is better now. 

Small talk about his family

Vinicius said that family is living with him in Spain. Youngster noted that playing for Real Madrid was a dream. That dream came true at an early age and it was very unexpected. He said that the family is satisfied and proud of the youngster’s work. Junior noted that he is very grateful to his father and all family members because together they are very strong.