Vinicius Junior has a perfect start of the season. It’s definitely the first season for him when he could score in two-matches in a row. Don’t forget that both goals were a three-point moment for Real Madrid.

First season was near-perfect

Junior signed for Real Madrid in summer of 2018. He immediately joined Real Madrid and started playing for the first team. At first, Spanish coach was not in the mood for youngsters. That’s why Junior played three months in the second team of Real Madrid. In the second team, Vinicius Junior demonstrated perfect skills and scored a few goals. 

Vinicius was promoted to the first team by another coach. Solari had a trust in brazilian youngsters. In just one month, Junior Vinicius gave hope to Real Madrid fans to win trophies again. Unfortunately, the youngster got injured against Ajax and he could not play the rest of the season.

In the second season, Junior had a main opponent – Brazilian youngster ROdrygo. Real Madrid paid more than 30 Million Euros for Rodrygo, so weight on his shoulders was also big. Vinicius was competing with Rordrygo and Gareth Bale.

This season, Bale left Real Madrid. For a one-year contract, Bale continued playing for Tottenham. There is left Rodrygo who can also play on another side and that’s an advantage for Vinicius.

Vinicius can score goals, unlike other seasons

In the previous season, scoring goals was the main problem for youngsters. He could not convert the regular moments into the goals. Everything changed this season, Vinicius now has scored in two matches side by side. His goals were very important as Real Madrid could win both matches due to youngsters goals.