The Swiss Club, Sion’s president was slammed for breaking contracts with players. Christian Constantin still defended his decision.

Because of Coronavirus, there is a big scandal around Club Sion in Swiss football. The club urged players to switch to a small work system during a pandemic hiatus and sought to agree on a reduction in their salaries.

The overwhelming majority of players have not responded to the club leaders in a short time, so Sion released them all on Thursday!

Everyone has criticized Sion’s leadership because of this. Now, the Swiss club president, Christian Constantin, has addressed the president of the Swiss Football Union, Lucien Valloni, using words such as ‘war.’


“It is their fault!”


“We do lasers to save people from death and we bury the dead without a funeral. We choose between those who must die and those who can be saved. All of this is called war! This is no ordinary war. It’s a sanitary war. Just the result is the same. People are dying or will die, ”says Constantin’s letter to Valloni.

Valloni criticized the president of Sion for firing the players and received a response from him. Sion’s released players include national team players Seidou Doumbia, Pajtim Kasami, and the well-known Johan Djourou.

Syon’s president declares that he does not understand the protest and criticism of the players’ association.

“They advised the players to refuse short-term service and the corresponding salaries established by law. It is their fault that the contracts were terminated. I think Valloni lives beyond the current situation. ” – writes Constantin.

The 63-year-old president of Sion has terminated his contract with nine players after refusing to cooperate for the short term and cut their salaries. Constantin advises other players to agree to lower their income.

“The players have to go through this difficult phase, and then they will continue to work the way they used to and get their old salaries. It will happen when football matches with the spectators resume. ” – writes President of Sion.