As you know, Virtually all sporting events have been suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After a 2-month hiatus, European countries are gradually reducing restrictions and allowing teams to resume training.

The entire football world is looking forward to the renewal of the English Premier League. According to reports, the British government has allowed the Premier League teams to start training – and the elite club football championship may continue in June.

Despite the decision, Watford captain Troy Deeney and several players of the club refused to resume training. According to Troy Deeney, the health and well-being of family members are far more important than the salary.

Three Watford players were found to be infected by Coronavirus. That fact largely influenced the decision of Troy Deeney.


Troy Deeney is surprised


Several days ago, BBC quoted Troy Deeney’s words: “I have a five-month-old child at home, and I suffer from breathing problems. I have already said that I will not return.

They forbid us to come to the salon and get a haircut until the end of July because it is dangerous. Could someone explain why it is safe to exercise with 19 people and have close contact with them? Why should I risk my health? “. – Troy Deeney commented.

Before the Premier League is renewed, players in the UK are actively being checked on Coronavirus. According to official information, as a result of the inspection, six players were diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to British media, 748 players and team members have been tested so far. Results showed that six players from three teams have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. They were immediately taken into solitary confinement. Three of the confirmed cases are “Watford” players.