The champions conceded three goals in 7 minutes yesterday. Klopp admits that the team lost the chance to win the championship.

Liverpool lost 3: 1 to Leicester yesterday. Merseyside opened the scoring in the match, but then strangely conceded two goals. The first was a standard shot from a rather sharp angle, and the second was caused by an incident created by Ozan Kabak and Alisson.

“We dominated, but then we conceded a weird goal, which I think was offside. But I did not like our reaction to that goal. As if we were thinking about winning the game, we flew and finally got this result.” – says Klopp. It should be reminded that the Reds last lost the third match in a row in the Premier League in November 2014.

“Ozan is a good footballer, we all know that … but he not used to our style of play yet. Everyone on the team knows that Alisson often comes out of the door and plays the defender role, b. But Ozan has not mastered such details yet,” added the German.

Klopp was asked about retaining the title – does he think it is already an unattainable task “Yes, I do not want to believe, but I think we cannot overtake the leaders.” – Klopp said at the press conference. In 5th place after 24 rounds, Liverpool are 13 points behind Manchester City.