According to the head coach of Inter Milan, there is more to the scales than pride. The toughest Milan derby will be held on Sunday.

The main match of the 23rd round of Italian Serie A is the Milan derby, which will be held on Sunday at “San Siro”. Adding to the historical controversy is the fact that Inter is leading the game with 50 points and leading the tournament table, while Milan are only one point behind it.

Nerazzurri head coach Antonio Conte spoke about his expectations before the derby:

“We are talking about two teams that are leaders in the table, and the difference between them is small. This situation should be good news for the residents of the city of Milan. Much more than just pride is on the scale.

In this match, both teams will try to beat the opponent and win. A brilliant referee is appointed for the game.

We have to work with the right attitude and enthusiasm. In such a tournament situation, you need to be even more motivated. Milan deserves this place in the table. This is a great team, so we have to show our best tomorrow.

We work tirelessly and are full of enthusiasm. We are doubly motivated because we are in the first place now. So, we want to keep it. We are working to build something big. We have to present ourselves well tomorrow because “Milan” is very good this season.

No matter how big a match or derby it is, we must never forget that it is still a sport. I do not think the atmosphere at tomorrow’s match will be too tense.

“In general, the season is very unpredictable, but naturally, any victory strengthens our self-confidence and faith,” Conte was quoted as saying by Italian media.