“If anyone is interested in signing Messi, we are among them.” Interview with French Football, Sports Director of the French Grand.

The PSG sporting director Leonardo spoke to French Football France about the club’s transfer policy and made an interesting comment about Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, whose contracts expire in 2022.

“I hope they are convinced that PSG is a good club for those who have big ambitions. It is just necessary that now their wishes and demands coincide with ours. However, we are not going to beg them to stay. Everything is much more complicated. Only those who want it in their heart will play in PSG. “I still have good preconceptions about Neymar and Mbappe.”

Leonardo also commented on the possible transfer of Argentine star Lionel Messi from Barcelona: “Outstanding players like Messi will always be in PSG’s field of interest. However, I think it is wrong to talk about any specifics in this situation. I can only say that if anyone is interested in recruiting Leo, we are among them. We have 4 more months ahead, and we are closely monitoring the situation. ”