As we know, COVID19 has spread from China to the world, and according to the latest data, it has killed more than 6000 people. Everyone fights the virus as he can. The following PL players decided to involve financially in the fight against the virus.

Pogba set up a charity fund on her birthday

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has set up a fund on the social network to fight Coronavirus with the support of UNICEF.

On March 15, the 27-year-old French footballer posted a post on Instagram and wrote that as soon as he raised 30,000 euros in charity, he would double the amount.

“I have a birthday today, and I’m glad my family members are fine, but unfortunately, not all are. Coronavirus threatens the lives of many people worldwide, including young people and children. We must act together at such times, ”Pogba wrote and published accounts that would allow money to be transferred to infected and caring people.

Sadio Mane donated € 45,000 to fight Coronavirus in his homeland.

BBC reports that Liverpool’s Senegalese player Sadio Mane has donated € 45,000 to fight Coronavirus at his homeland. He has transferred the amount to the Senegalese Health Committee.

But he supports not only financially. The 27-year-old player also addressed his social networking friends and took a “maximally serious” approach. “Try to observe utmost care and hygiene. Wash your hands once every 30 minutes, ”said the 27-year-old in his video shared on Instagram.

The Liverpool striker is also trying to make his fans entertained. He even posted a fun post on his social network:

“Corona, keep yourself away from me, don’t come near me,” the Senegalese striker from Merseyside posted on his Instagram.

In Senegal, 27 people have been confirmed infected with Coronavirus, including two who have already recovered.