West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady thinks the Premier League season should be completely canceled if it is not fully completed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As it was previously reported, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League has suspended the tournament until April 3. But, some Premier League clubs may refuse to continue the season after this pause.

Liverpool are currently only two wins away from the much-awaited Premier League title. You may know that the Merseyside side have been unable to win the English Championship for 30 years. However, Brady thinks that if the games do not take place, this season’s title and championship battle should not be taken into account in the subsequent results.


The current situation may not be taken into account


The Premier League leaders are going to hold an emergency meeting with club officials on Thursday. In this connection, Karren Brady said:

“It is not excluded that at all levels – both in the lower divisions whether in the Premier League, the season is canceled, and the current situation is not taken into account. That’s because if the players cannot play, then the matches cannot continue.

The Premier League are hoping that a three-week break will make things better. But this is a dream scenario, and it may not happen.

So what would be right if the championship could not be completed? These games affect both the Premier League and the lower divisions. So the only fair and reasonable decision will be to cancel the season. Who knows now what would happen to all the matches in the tournament table?

This is a huge blow for Liverpool. The team could take away the first title they have almost won after 30 years. This is a matter for the Premier League and the clubs to discuss at an emergency meeting next week, “Sky Sports quoted Brady as saying.