The head coach of Inter Milan, Antonio Conte, evaluated the Serie A season, in which his team took the second place. Conte hit the management of the club for not receiving any support from them for months.

“For me, personally, this season turned out to be very difficult. I do not think the work of the players and me was appreciated properly – we received very little support from the club.

We must continue to grow and gain in all aspects of the game, both on and off the pitch. A big club needs to protect its players better. We will talk about it again after the season is over. I have to meet the president, who is now in China.

This year has been very tense and challenging, but the boys have come together despite all the problems. For months we received no support.

My problem is that I have my own vision. I see what way we should go and what to do. A few days ago, I met Spalletti’s 2017 interview, which he did as Inter coach. Today is 2020, and nothing has changed.

I can, and I will cover the mistakes in the first season. But if we do not learn and the same mistakes will be repeated in the future, it will be madness. “I also want to emphasize: I do not mean the transfer market and new players in particular,” Conte said.