Maurizio Sarri evaluated the match against Lyon. The Italian coach believes that his team has done their best.

In the return match of the eighth final of the Champions League, Turin’s Juventus hosted French Lyon and defeated Cristiano Ronaldo 2: 1. Nevertheless, thanks to the away ball, Rudy Garcia’s team continues to fight. Lyon will face Manchester City in the 1/4 finals.

The Turin coach Maurizio Sarri evaluated the match against the French. The Italian specialist believes that Juventus did their best to advance to the next stage.

Maurizio Sarri (Juventus coach): ” I do not know if you watched the game between Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain. But they did not have the same problems in that game as we did. The ball was kicked out of play. We had a good match. So, we did everything and tried to win to the end. We are disappointed. But I can not say anything about today’s game ”.

Maurizio Sarri was irritated by a journalist’s question about his future at Juventus: “What answer do you expect from me? It’s just disrespectful. Ask our leader.”

Juventus owner Andrea Agnelli said that after the match, Maurizio Sarri would retain his position and stay on the team again.