La liga is in the final phase. Who can win the trophy? Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Sevilla – all have equal chances of winning the trophy.

Three points difference between four teams

Sevilla has only 70 points and the team is sitting in the fourth position. Keep in mind that Real Madrid and Barcelona have equal amounts of points. They have only 1 more point than Sevilla. At the same time, Atletico Madrid is the leader of the table. Atletico Madrid has to play against Barcelona at Nou Camp and it’s very bad news for Diego Simeone. Keep in mind that Atleticod has a bad case against Real Madrid. So, if Atletico Madrid loses two points then it’s almost over for them.


Injuries of Real Madrid (58 cases)

Real Madrid has serious problems regarding the squad. Los Blancos have suffered 58 injuries during the season and it’s a record for any club in any tournament in the history of football. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Mendy and Carvajal got injured again and they will miss an important part of the season. In the final phase of the season, Los Blancos stepped with serious injuries and tiredness of the starting line-up. 


Barcelona against Atletico Madrid

Lionel Messi has a chance to make an influence on the season. Keep in mind that Barcelona has left the game against Atletico Madrid. At the same time, Sevilla has to play against Real Madrid and it will be an away game. Both clubs, Atletico and Sevilla are in dangerous positions. Everything will depend on Lionel Messi because he can have a big performance and score important goals. What will happen in La Liga? There are still five games left and intrigue is there. Four times can win the trophy and no one can predict the final outcome of the season.