As you know, all sports events across Europe have been suspended or postponed due to the threat of coronavirus spread. So, lately, we are all looking forward to seeing developments in both the Champions League and the Europa League.

Different experts are talking about different possible scenarios. But UEFA have not made the final decision yet.


EVELINA CHRISTILLIN: “we are actively discussing the postponement of the European Championship”


UEFA spokeswoman Evelina Christillin has confirmed that they are considering the postponement of the 2020 European Championships.

“I am not interpreting other people in the organization. But I think we should give countries a chance to finish indoor championships and put aside Euro-2020 for a year.

Therefore, we are actively discussing the postponement of the European Championship. ”

It should be reminded that the European Championship of 2020 was to be held from June 12 to July 12.

UEFA has chosen one of the options


UEFA are considering different options this season for the Champions League and Europa League. According to the Spanish edition of AS, the meeting of the organization will be held on Tuesday, March 17. At that meeting, UEFA Secretary-General Giorgio Marquette will present a new option.

In particular, according to the new format, this season’s Champions League semifinals will be one-match and will take place on a neutral pitch, after which the final match awaits us. Accordingly, it will take 4-4 days for the semifinal and final stages.

As for the other 8th-finals and quarterfinals, they will be held in the usual format. The Champions League matches will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) and the Europa League in Gdansk (Poland).