The city’s complaint was accepted for consideration. The verdict will be in July. UEFA has fined Pep’s team for violating the rules of financial fair play.

CAS has officially confirmed that it has received a complaint from Manchester City regarding UEFA’s decision. Thus, the English Grandee are given a hope that the next draw of the Champions League would not end without him.

The preliminary hearing of the case took place on June 8 via video call. It was then decided that a panel of judges would begin work on the case. Later, a verdict will be issued in the first half of July.

Recall that UEFA completed the investigation in February and exposed Manchester City in violation of the rules of financial fair play. So, the punishment was severe: the Premier League club were removed from the European Cups for two seasons and imposed a fine of over 30 million euros.

Pep’s team immediately appealed, but soon coronavirus pandemic started, and things went awry, and now the Manchester team is trying their luck again.

Recall that in the current draw of the Champions League, City have a pretty good chance of advancing. They have won 2: 1 with Real Madrid in the first match of the eighth final.

As it turns out, the eighth-finals’ remaining games will be held on August 8 and 9, and on August 12. The mini-tournament will start in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The top eight teams will play in a playoff format, with the top four in the quarter-finals and semi-finals each. The matches will be held without the spectators. Before the forced break, PSG, Atletico, Leipzig, and Atalanta managed to reach the quarter-finals.