Roma and Italian football legend Francesco Totti spoke on Instagram-Live about not wanting to end his career but was forced to take that step. Totti believes he would play another season at a high level.

“I did not want to end my career! I was in pretty good physical shape, and why should I leave football? It’s not as if I constantly wanted to play or force someone to put me in the main. I did not want to waste my time at the club. So it was just better to end my career than to go somewhere else for a year.

I’m not a fool, and I’m no longer 10 years old, but I repeat, I was in good physical shape. I could see in training that I could still play at a high level, and I would not be left behind, ”Football Italia quoted Totti as saying.


“Sometimes, I get in the car and cry because I’ve served this club for 30 years, and now I don’t go to the base.”


Totti, 43, said that if his career were to continue, his main goal would not be to play.

“Every time I entered the pitch, there were huge applause at the stadium. This atmosphere helped not only me but everyone! I’m not a fool. Everything has an end. But the problem is that certain people have told me it’s going to be my decision, and then they’ve pushed me. I was so angry about that! But I was ready for anything for Roma! In short, until the situation changes, I will not set my foot in Trigoria (Roma base)! ”

The 2006 world champion said that when he takes his son to practice, he often says goodbye at the front door.

“I always stay here. Sometimes I get in the car and cry because I’ve served this club for 30 years and now I don’t go into the base. I still have wonderful friends out there who come out and greet me sometimes. Sometimes my child asks me to come and see how he plays, but I can’t do that. ”

Francesco Totti appeared in Roma’s youth team in 1989. Three years later, his debut in the main team took place. The forward has spent his entire professional career in Roma (1992-2017), with the team winning the Italian championship and twice the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup. As soon as he finished his career, he took over as director of the club. But two years later, in June 2019, he left Roma.

Francesco celebrated the 2006 World Cup with the Italian national team and became the European vice-champion in 2000.