The exact date of the return of the Premier League season is still unknown. But the British media reports that the current season of the English Premier League may end in China.

As it turns out, one of the residents of the tournament comes up with this initiative.

The bosses of all 20 teams participating in the Premier League will hold a video conference in the near future, where they will discuss the issue.

As you know, Coronavirus first exploded in China. Then the virus spread all over the world, and now the planet is battling against a pandemic. Although, it is believed that all this has already happened and finished in China, and it is now one of the safest places.

According to the latest reports, this idea already has both supporters and opponents. Some think it’s crazy. Though the issue will still be discussed.


England fears a loss of $ 762 million


It has already been calculated and determined that if the current season is not over, the clubs will lose a total of 762 million from TV sales. This will have a huge impact on their financial situation, and, as West Ham officials say, they will go bankrupt.

The organizers of the Premier League are not going to renew the tournament until at least April 30, but it is simply impossible to predict what will happen after that. COVID-19 continues to spread on a daily basis, increasing the number of both infected and dead worldwide.