The Premier League has 3 problems. Restarting plan is in danger as 3 English clubs are already protesting the game on neutral pitches.

More and more PL teams in England are opposing to the idea of renovating the season in the neutral stadiums. After Brighton and Aston Villa, Watford are the third team in the Premier League to go against the rest of the season in neutral stadiums. Because of this, the renewal of the English Championship may be questioned.


14 clubs’ support  is needed


On Monday, representatives of the clubs will hold another online conference and talk about their plans. In order for the so-called ‘restart project’ to be implemented, at least 14 out of 20 clubs (70%) must support it. 3 clubs are already opposed to the renewal of the season on the neutral pitches. So, obtaining this 70 percent consent is in jeopardy.

“At least 6 clubs will talk about the disadvantages of the project. I think even more will do so! ” “I think it’s wrong and unfair to play in the neutral stadiums of the last quarter of the season,” said Watford boss Scott Duxbury. Moreover, it is not fair to hold matches without spectators. The empty stadium deprives the host of the advantage. While most of the matches of the season were held in crowded stadiums. I think only teams at the top of the table will agree with this idea. ”

The Watford boss believes that continuing and ending the season in the planned format has the only plus that Liverpool will officially become the champions of England. At the same time, other clubs will win the European tour.