‘I will definitely sue whoever wrote this. The same fate awaits the newspaper editor.’ Antonio Conte was outraged by reports in the Italian press.

Inter Milan head coach Antonio Conte has denied rumors that he plans to return to the post of head coach of Juventus in Turin. He even threatened to sue all those who spread this information.

“What was written in today’s La Repubblica is outrageous. So, I will definitely sue whoever wrote this, and the same fate awaits the editor-in-chief of the newspaper. ”

For reference, La Repubblica is one of the most famous newspapers in Italy. Its circulation is equal to 500 thousand. It was the publication that reported that Conte had been in contact with Juventus management, players, and former players for weeks and was particularly interested in the condition of current Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri. Embarrassed by the slander, Conte also commented on this topic:

“I categorically deny that I was talking to the representatives of Juventus and especially that I was asking questions about Sarri. I have a 3-year contract with Inter, and I am not going to break it. As you know, I always did my best to be a winner. So, I will do the same now.”

The conversation about an argument between Antonio Conte and the management of Inter Milan began after Antonio made scandalous statements. This happened after the final match against Atalanta when the coach pointed out that the leadership of Inter is not protecting him and the players properly.