‘I expect the biggest resistance from Man. City, Chelsea, and Manchester United.’ The head coach of Liverpool  Jurgen Klopp talked about the three main competitors of Liverpool for the next season of the English Premier League.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has spoken about the teams that will be the main rivals for the Merseyside Grandee next season.

“I expect a lot of competition from Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United. All three of these teams will be in good shape, and it looks like it even now. Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal will also fight hard, and we should not forget Leicester City as well. We will have a total of 38 matches to play, and whoever wins more of them, will become the champion. It is simple. I can tell you that we will not only defend the title, but we will fight for it.”

Recall that with the 53-year-old German specialist, who has been training the club since 2015, Liverpool won the English Championship ahead of schedule. The Merseysiders last won the title 30 years ago. Under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, the English club has also won: the Champions League (in 2019), the UEFA Super Cup (in 2019), and the World Club Championship (in 2019).