The UEFA Nations League is still widely criticized – especially in FIFA. This tournament is not particularly liked in the top countries. There has been talk that the League of Nations may be abolished. In return, the World Cup may be held every 2 years.

It seems that FIFA is thinking of holding the World Cup once in 2 years. In any case, Arsene Wenger said in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag” that FIFA has already started discussing this. The former Arsenal manager is a credible source as he has been with FIFA since 2019 and is the Director of Global Sports Development.

It is Wenger who demands that the League of Nations be abolished as soon as possible, which many are already critical of. According to Arsene, it would be reasonable to hold the World Cup once in two years instead of the League of Nations.

“We should have as few tournaments as possible. “The modern world would rather have the World, and European Championships held every two years,” Wenger, 70, told the newspaper.

Asked why the League of Nations could not meet his demands, Wenger said: “We have to get rid of the League of Nations, and we have to have more understandable tournaments, tournaments that everyone knows easily. “If you ask people what the League of Nations is fighting for, many will not be able to answer.”


“It is possible to hold a qualifier in October and then a tournament in June.”


Wenger also has specific ideas for hosting the World and European Championships more often. In his opinion, the qualification stage should also be short. “It is possible to hold a qualifier in October and then a tournament in June. I would complete the qualification stage in a month, ”said the Frenchman in the mentioned interview. In his opinion, in this case, the selection will be better sold both in terms of television and advertising.

Wenger also has specific ideas about the format: “The big tournaments should be held in much the same way as this year in the Champions League in Lisbon. Easy and understandable for fans. There will be no more qualifying stages that people will not understand. It would be a cash tournament. ”

Wenger does not think that holding the World Cup and the European Championship once every two years will tarnish his image: “I tell such people that the image of the tournament does not depend on the time between the tournaments but on the quality of the tournament. The Champions League is an annual tournament, and you can see that everyone is watching. “