Real Madrid won a crucial match against Sevilla on Saturday evening. Because of the X-Factor, Zidane changed the outcome of the game.

Everything went well in the first half for Julen Lopetegui

As you know, Real Madrid traveled a lot this week. The team won the Supercopa and moved back from Jeddah. They went a few thousand KMs, and it was believed that the match would be tough. Los Blancos could only start preparations from Wednesday morning.

Julen Lopetegui was ready for this match. In the first half, we saw the perfect strategy and plan from Julen. The Spanish coach was prepared for any kind of attack of Real Madrid. Sevilla was playing at an ideal pace, and the team could even score the goal. After the VAR check, the referee decided to outturn the decision. After the first half, Julen Lopetegui was furious. On the way to the dressing room, Julen was saying that it was a big mistake from the referees.

X factor – Allowing Casemiro to be an attacking player

As you know, Casemiro is a beast. Even after the winning Supercopa, Zidane congratulated brilliant and named him as the beast. Casemiro is a perfect midfielder, but he is working in lower midfield, and in most cases, he is not part of the attacking moments. Lucas Vazquez, Rodrygo, and Jovic could not make a serious impact on the match. In the first half, Real Madrid had only one shot on target, and it was really uncomfortable to watch Los Blancos playing badly in the attacking line. Zidane decided to change everything to give the bigger man a chance to score the goals.

In the second half, Casemiro became the player of the attacking line. He was created with space along with Lucas Vazquez and Jovic on the right side of the attack. Casemiro scored the first goal in the match. As it seems, he is very skillful as the goal was scored in a Brazilian manner. Casemiro scored both goals from Real Madrid and Brazilian midfielder has shown us his attacking skills. We can recall his December interview when he said that in childhood, he was a good striker, but times have changed, and he pursued the midfielder position.