Former Barcelona star and current head of Qatar’s Al Sadd, Xavi wants to return to the Catalan Grand as a head coach.

Xavi, who was called to work for Barcelona in January, is ready to take the Catalan grand in the summer if certain conditions are met. This was reported by the radio Cadena Ser.

For example, Xavi should take full control of transfers. He also wants to incorporate Carles Puyol into the club structure, and bring his brother in the coaching staff.

Xavi also calls for the return of Joan Villa, the former Barcelona director and the son of Johan Cruyff in methodology. Also, Xavi wants to change the management of the Barcelona medical service completely.


“I want to start from scratch.”


Xavi spoke about it in an interview with MundoDeportivo:

“I have never hidden that I want to go back to Barça. I am excited about this idea. It was early a few years ago. However, after some time as a coach, I feel like I can give something to the players.

I have been in contact with the Barcelona representatives, and I have made it clear that I want to start from scratch.

I feel that I am ready to take on the responsibility entirely. But I have to stand by people who I do fully trust and who does not lack authority.

There should be a healthy environment in the dressing room.

We have discussed the option of Carles Puyol, who was Barcelona captain. An interesting person is Jordi Cruyff, who has become a successful businessman.

It should be a horizontal structure where there is room for compromise.”

Recall that Xavi joined the Barcelona children’s team in 1991 and defended the dignity of the Catalans until 2015, before moving to Al Sadd.

Xavi has played 505 matches for the main team of Barcelona.