They started talking about Gabriele quite early and brought the boy to football at an early age.

Already at the age of five, Alessi wore the local Adelka Alcama T-shirt.

It should be noted that the club from Alcama is not only a small team, but also a project that trains young athletes for more than 30 years, strengthening the youth movements of the big clubs of the strongest Italian leagues with talent and young champions. Alex’s talent from Pulcini’s team and his excellent technique have not gone unnoticed as he has always been under the watchful eye of Paolo Trapolino.

The peak moment in the young athlete’s career was the victory over the capital Olimpico in the 2016 Gazzetta Cup, although before that there were many cups and individual awards. The first commotion was the representatives of Genoa and the scouts of Manchester United flew specially to Sicily.

In January 2018, Milan said the attacking midfielder was moving under the Devil’s flag. The Rossoneri won the young champions’ argument, which was not easy, given that many clubs wanted to buy the boy. In the fall of 2017, Filippo Galli used all his influence to bring Alesi to Lombardy, which confirmed the decision that the boy had unusual characteristics.

The first season in Milan was immediately successful with a dozen goals and several appearances for the Under-16 team. It was during this championship, in which Milan reached the final against Verona, that the talent of Gabriele Alesi was manifested in all its glory.

In April 2019, he scored a super goal

Alesi Gabriele said that he has not thought about hitting for a long time. “I noticed the goalkeeper outside my area, so I asked my teammate to lightly touch the ball and everything went well.”  Last season, Gabriele played for the Under-16 team, scoring 6 goals, and he also played for the Under-17 team against Pordenone, who scored an immediate goal.