Leipzig will play Wolfsburg on Wednesday night. It’s a quarter-final of DFB Pokal and Poulsen is ready to score many goals.


Top-striker in DFB Pokal

Yussi is a top-striker of Pokal. Bundesliga’s official representatives met with him and took a very honest interview. First question was related to a top-striker name. As mentioned above, Poulsen is a top-striker of Leipzig in Pokal tournament. Poulsen said that it’s very special moment for him and the whole squad. He said that “all or nothing” games are on a different level. You play for a next round chance and in just one game you can literally change everything. Poulsen said that we can’t see the same spirit on weekends. Yes, there are lots of interesting and intense games but ‘all or nothing’ mentality games are always addictive.


Favorite moment in DFB Pokal tournament

Poulsen recalled the match against Aue. The striker believes that it was the most fun game for him because of the story behind it. Poulsen noted that Leipzig have not played well in the first half. The striker said that Leipzig has to be down by 3 goals but the goalkeeper was saving lots of the shots of Aue. In the end, Leipzig scored two goals and they won the game with 3-1. Poulsen said that football is fun in general because in every second you change the result and outcome of the final result.


Wolfsburg as an opponent

Journalists asked Poulsen about Wolfsburg. He said that performance against “Wolves” will be different. Poulsen said that Wolfsburg is a very well-known opponent of Leipzig. They meet in Bundesliga twice every season and plus in the DFB Pokal almost every season (last five years for sure). Poulson admitted that playing or scoring against “Wolves” is not easy. He noted that Leipzig scored lots of goals last season against Wolfsburg in the Pokal, so they will try to do the same again.