Since the defeat of Mallorca, Real Madrid changed the way of play. As of now, Zidane’s team is playing correctly, and they are number one favorite for Champions League trophy.

Devastating loss in Mallorca

The game against Mallorca was not excellent performance. After the match, Zidane said that Real Madrid lacked everything – attack, defense, midfield control, etc.

The French coach was not happy with the results. Los Blancos coach promised to change the direction of the team’s play. Unfortunately, to him, Spanish journalists started rumors about Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid’s ex-coach was free by that time, and he was able to change Zidane in Madrid.

Los Merengues lost a match against Mallorca on 19th October. In just five weeks after a devastating loss, Real Madrid is the main favorite of the Champions League. How is that possible? Zinedine Zidane changed the whole atmosphere and mentality in the club.

Different level of midfield

First of all, Zidane changed the level of midfield in the club. Players like Toni Kroos, Casemiro, and Valverde found their second breath. That trident became irreplaceable. In all big matches, those three players had a fantastic game.

We should mention Valverde as a key to Real Madrid’s success. The youngster was so good against big teams in the last five weeks that Real Madrid decided to extend his contract. According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Florentino Perez gave a new deal to Valverde. Fede Valverde has extended the contract with Los Blancos till 2025. The release clause is increased to 750 million dollars.

Match against PSG

The quintessence of Zidane’s transformation was against PSG. The whole match, Real Madrid, was indeed unstoppable. Every five minutes, Los Blancos players were shooting on target.

Could someone imagine that Real Madrid could be a favorite of Champions League after Mallorca’s defeat? Los Blancos got 26 shots, and 13 shots were on target.

After the match, Toni Kroos said one exciting thing. German player noted that the whole team had a brilliant performance. It was not only one player but teamwork. Kroos also noted that Zidane could do magic with players and change their mentality in just a few weeks.