Zinedine Zidane held a press conference before the impressive 1:2 victory against Sociedad. “Pique’s statements? I told my players to think only about playing, exercising, and relaxing. Now is not the time to make noisy statements, but to think about the championship.

All my apprentices are smart, and I respect them. There is no directive on this issue. Each player can say what is interesting to him. But I personally am not interested in Pique’s statements at all, and he will not put any pressure on the Madrid players. I have a clear position that I will not really change, and I am not going to expand on this issue. ”

“Marco Asensio is in great shape. But we must be very careful. The Spaniard had a severe problem and returned to the field at the cost of tough work. We will have to take step-by-step action with Asensio. Now I can’t tell you if the Spanish player will play. ”

“I do not see much change in Benzema. He maintains the style he has been following for years. I think the Frenchman is becoming an increasingly experienced and dangerous player who is a great help to the Royal Club. I’m sure Karim can still gain and improve. Benzema is not a typical “9”, just scoring a goal for him will not be a reason for satisfaction. The French player is always thinking about doing the black job and helping his teammates. I don’t need a player who will score even one goal and will be unnoticed throughout the match. Karim is continuously active and never goes unnoticed. ”

“Rainier Jesus is a player of the future. The Brazilian player trains with the main team and learns a lot. I have bad information about the young man at this stage. He had some discomfort and needs a medical examination. We will probably find out soon what kind of problem we are dealing with. ”

“Bale? Yes, I trust him as much as I do other players. ”

“No matter we are playing at home, or we are far away, we are obliged to do our best until the end. That’s how we manage to win the title of champion. We know very well that Sociedad is playing very good and convincing football this season. So, we appreciate the opponent’s forces. But we believe in our own capabilities, and the only goal is to win.  I attach great importance to gaining three points because it will change a lot of things. “