Zinedine Zidane spoke with the official page of “Real” and said that they were lucky because they got back to their work.

“This week is much better and more effective than the previous one, as the team is divided into groups, and several players can train together.”

“We are just happy to be back. Exercise is good. But it is the best and most enjoyable to play the game. We are in a positive mood, and we believe that the season will resume soon. ”

“There are 11 important rounds ahead, where we have to show maximum results and win the title in the end. Don’t you forget what I said three months ago? We have the DNA of the winner, and we will definitely try to raise the cup. ”

“The players are happy to be back. While at home, they train a lot, which directly affects their shape. Every player seemed not to be relaxed and well-done. Now Zidan’s troops are happy and enjoy doing their own thing. We focus on both physical fitness and training with the ball. ”


“Real” held another training session.


The players of the Royal Club held another coaching session today. Zidane again divided the team into three groups and gave them new assignments. It is noteworthy that collective exercises are already underway, and it is much easier to make tactical outlines.

The session also focused on physical fitness and ball control. As always, the exercise was conducted in compliance with sanitary norms and strict protocol.