Zidane met with journalists before the match against PSG in Madrid. French coach talked about Champions League, La Liga, and passion towards French footballers.

Improvement that journalists should admit

Journalists asked Zidane about the chances of Real Madrid in La Liga. Los Blancos coach asked Spanish journalists to reveal that Real Madrid players transformed and changed their minds since the start of the season.

Zidane mentioned that every player is doing best to work harder. Frenchman noted that he has the best squad in the world, and they will try to win every possible trophy this season.

Disastrous performance in Paris

Zinedine also mentioned the match in Paris. The coach said that it was a devastating game, and players improved since then. Zizou noted that every player has changed since September, especially after he match in Paris.

Zidane noted that Hazard is already in perfect form, while Benzema is scoring in every match. French coach also noted the influence of Valverde on the game and hoped for the excellent health of Uruguayan midfielder.

Real Madrid’s coach believes that the team changed everything since Paris. Results of improvement should be displayed on Tuesday evening against PSG in Madrid.

Questions about Gareth Bale

Zidane said that Bale is happy with Real Madrid. Coach asked journalists to stop questions about Bale’s future as he is the player of Los Blancos. French coach mentioned that Bale is working harder than others and is very satisfied with the Madrid team.

According to Zizou, Bale is feeling happy and confident. Zidane hoped for fewer whistles from the Bernabeu towards Welshman.

Passion to French players

Zidane said that he is not explicitly focused on French players. The coach said that France has a solid young generation, and that’s why he is impressed by Mbappe or Pogba. Zidane said that Mbappe is the future of football. French coach also noted that he is in love with Mbappe and his playing style for a very long time.