As you may know, Eden Hazard is back from the injury. He recovered successfully and played more than 20 minutes against Monchengladbach.

Zidane’s favorite front three

In the previous season, Eden Hazard played only half of the matches. In those matches, experts found that Zidane had the favorite front three. Asensio, Karim Benzema and Hazard – it’s Zidane’s favorite attacking line. In absence of Eden Hazard, Vinicius and Rodrygo were playing on both wings. Keep in mind that Spanish attacker, Asensio could not play as he had ASL injury. He missed the whole season but now he is back. In a match against Monchengladbach, Asensio finally proved that he is worth the starting line-up. He played well and was very explosive in many attacks. In the first half, Asensio even had two moments to score but he could not convert the shot.

Karim Benzema is angry with Vinicius Junior?

As you may know, Marca’s journalists found footage of Karim Benzema. French attacker is talking with Mendy in French. Karim Benzema says that Vinicius Junior is a very weak player, so they should not pass to him. In that footage, Benzema assures Mendy that Vinicius is playing against Los Blancos because he plays very badly. After the footage was published, fans were angry with Benzema. It was not the correct decision to talk badly in front of Vinicius in different languages so he could not understand a word. Journalists also found that in the second half, Benzema had not passed not even once to Vini. Fans believe that footage means the end of Vinicius starting line-up spot? Finally, Zidane got the desired three in front – Hazard, Benzema and Asensio. Where will be Vinicius or Rodrygo? After the match, Zidane met with journalists. French coach mentioned that the season will be very long and frustrating. Rotation will be the main weapon for Los Blancos to avoid injuries, so everyone will have equal time to play in regular matches