Zinedine Zidane met with the journalists during the press-conference. It was a pre-match meet-up with the journalists. Real Madrid will play a decisive match against Monchengladbach on Wednesday evening.

Big pressure from the fans and media

Zidane said that Real Madrid players are used to pressure. It’s usual for the players, so they can play under pressure. Zidane noted the importance of the match. The coach believes that this type of match will show the real face of Real Madrid. Zinedine admitted that Real Madrid has to show potential in big matches. It won’t be a match for three points. Playing against Monchengladbach is not only about three points or winning. It’s about showing the desire, attitude and performance that fans are waiting for from the players.

Monchengladbach is a very strong team

Zinedine noted that German side is very strong. They know how to defend against the biggest attacking lines of the European football. At the same time, Monchengladbach is very good at counter-attacks. Physically they are also good and can keep up with Los Blancos.

French coach said that Monchengadlbach already played with Real Madrid and everyone saw that it’s not an easy team. Yes, Real Madrid could make a little come-back at the end of the match but Monchengladbach was the dominant team on the pitch for more than 80 minutes. Zidane believes that Real Madrid has a power within and can win on Wednesday.

Thinking about Europa League?

Journalists asked Zidane about the Europa League. French coach said that is not thinking about the Europa League at all. Real Madrid wants to qualify for the next round of Champions League. That’s the only thing going in the mind of every player of Real Madrid. Keep in mind that there is still a chance for Real Madrid to play in the Europa League.