After scoring four goals and getting three points, Zidane met with journalists. Real Madrid won the match against Huesca and the coach was happy with the outcome.

Zidane on Eden Hazard’s playing form and goal

Zinedine Zidane met with journalists with a smile on his face. He said that the team is in good form overall. Big win against Barcelona turned the table and changed the mood of the team. Los Blancos was in need of a big win and now they could score four goals against Huesca. It was a home-match Zidane noted, but players have to be proud of themselves. 

Zidane mentioned that Eden Hazard is in a perfect form. The coach said that Hazard was feeling well and had no comfort in his injured leg. Zidane also added that Hazard was running a lot this match and made a big impact. The head coach is happy because Eden is back with a goal and actually, the goal was a real screamer. 

Zinedine Zidane is impressed by Fede Valverde

French coach is happy with the performance of Fede Valverde. Coach noted that Fede’s main role is not scoring goals although he scored in the second match in a row. It was a perfect match for Fede Valverde as he was running up and down. Zidane said that Fede Valverde still has a room for improvement, so he will impress everyone soon. 

What will be the starting line-up against Inter Milan?

Zidane said that he will choose players from the squad on Tuesday. As for now, we know that Eden Hazard will play against Inter Milan. Karim Benzema is also someone who is untouchable under Zidane’s Real Madrid. Who will play on the right wing? Zidane has to decide between Asensio and Rodrygo. Spanish journalists note that Zidane trusts Spanish attackers a lot, so we may see Asensio in the starting line-up.