Before the second round in Champions League, Zidane met with the media. Press asked him many questions regarding Monchengladbach and El Clasico.

Big win in El Clasico

Zinedine Zidane said that players are very happy with the result in El Clasico. French coach noted that Real Madrid footballers did everything. They had a good rest on Sunday morning and started preparing for Monchengladbach. Los Blancos has a very strict schedule. They have to play every three days. This kind of strict schedule will last in November and December too. Zinedine Zidane is not happy with the schedule but he said that the team is doing everything to keep up with good fitness conditions.

Rotation is very important

The Real Madrid coach said that rotation is very important. Coach noted that Real Madrid has a very big squad. That squad is full of quality players, so Zidane believes that with the correct rotation team can win trophies. Luka Modric, Rodrygo and Jovic were on the bench against Barcelona, so it seems that Real Madrid has a very strong squad on the bench.

Situation related to Isco

If you have missed this rumor, Isco was caught by the cameras at Nou Camp. He silently said that Zidane is not giving him a chance to play in big matches. Press representatives asked Zidane about Isco’s case. Zinedine Zidane noted that Isco is a very valuable player. Coach noted that Isco is very ambitious and he likes that spanish midfielder wants to play more. Zidane noted that the season is very long and every player will have enough time to score goals and play in big matches.