As it seems, Zinedine Zidane found his favorite starting lineup. French coach came back to Madrid in 2019 and could not finish the season of 2018/19 successfully. Zidane was struggling with starting lineup, but now he seems happy with current decisions.

He was struggling for a few months.

French coach started his second cycle in Real Madrid in 2019. Zinedine could not find a perfect fit for the starting lineup. After October, we know that Zidane has a squad that he trusts in big games.

Real Madrid coach tested 12 different starting lineups during this season. He could not come up with favorite players because of injuries. When almost every player recovered and returned with the leading team, Zidane has his ideal starting lineup ready for big matches.

Brazilian Vinicius is not Zidane’s trusted player anymore

Los Blancos signed Vinicius back in 2018. Young Brazilian players well last season, and fans had hope in Brazilian players. Unfortunately, Vinicius can’t find a perfect form so that he will be on the bench for the rest of the season. From August, Vinicius was Zidane’s favorite, and he started in starting lineup four times since season start. Now he could not even get a spot in squad list of regular La Liga matches.

Valverde is back with lots of promises

It’s not a surprise that Valverde is Zidane’s favorite player. Uruguayan midfielder tried to impress everyone in October. Valverde played in almost every important game of the month. Zidane hails Valverde because of his physical form and speed. French coach also loves the midfielder’s strategy and decisions that lead to goals.

As of now, Valverde is a leading player who connects midfield to attacking line. That was the main struggling factor for Zidane’s team – no one could connect midfield to attacking players. Kroos could not do so many tasks at the same time. Now, Valverde and Kroos are doing a perfect job together. Luka Modric will be a prime choice from the bench for the rest of the season.

Toni Kroos back at his best

German player found another momentum of his career. This season, Toni is just unstoppable and played is scoring decisive goals. Toni scored in the first match of the season; also, the player could score a crucial goal against Galatasaray in Turkey. Help from Valverde was significant for Toni as he is doing only a few tasks, so Real Madrid’s performance transformed a lot.

Hazard and Benzema duo

French and Belgian player is playing correctly. Hazard is still struggling to score many goals, but Benzema will help him eventually.