Before the final match of the Supercopa, Zinedine Zidane met with the press and answered the questions. Along with Zidane, there was the captain of the team who also answered the questions.

What changed since the last final of Zinedine Zidane

The French coach said that nothing had changed since the previous final. Zidane recalled that the last final he played was the Champions League final against Liverpool, and since then, nothing has changed in terms of playing.

Los Blancos coach mentioned the mood of players. He said that Real Madrid is built for this kind of final match, and it’s a happy moment to be able to play in Jeddah. At the same time, Zinedine noted that players are fully ready for the match, and it will be an exciting game.

Zidane’s thoughts on Jaoa Felix

Journalists asked him about Joao Felix. Zidane said that the youngster player is outstanding. Coach believes that a young player has already shown the quality in Benfica. Although Zinedine noted that Joao is not among the three best players in the world right now.

Different strategy against Valencia

Zinedine Zidane said that they played with five midfielders, but it has not changed the strategy. Zidane said that the most important thing is what players are doing when they have a ball. Strategies can be changed at any moment of the match, but what are you doing with the ball is the only thing that matters.

Zidane feels better after so many years

Zinedine believes that after five years of coaching, he is a better coach. French legend said that he is progressing every day and learning new things. Los Blancos’ head coach compared coaching to live and said that both are similar. Just like in life, in the coaching world, you learn from personal mistakes. It’s essential to learn from every mistake and try best not to make the same mistake in the future.