Real Madrid has to play against Levante on Saturday evening. Zinedine Zidane met with journalists and talked about different things.

Sergio Ramos has back of Zidane

French coach said that if Sergio Ramos wants to go and play at the Olympics, then he got the back of Zidane. The legendary coach said that playing for the national team is always special. Zidane noted that Sergio Ramos would be a perfect fit for the Olympic national team of Spain. At the same time, Zinedine noted that Ramos is ready to play at the Olympics.

On the other hand, journalists asked him about the contract renewal of Ramos. Zinedine Zidane said that there is no news about it yet. At the same time, the French coach admitted that he will be happy for Ramo’s renewal.

The difficult game against Levante

Real Madrid’s coach said that it will be tough to play against Levante. Zidane said that Levante has won 20 home points out of 29. The team has lost only 9 points at home stadium in this season. French coach said that it’s very tough to win against the well-balanced team.

Zinedine Zidane said that he believes in the current squad. Real Madrid will play with the same formation as Hazard will be a starter again.

Special plan for Eden Hazard?

Journalists asked Zidane about the special plan for Hazard. Zinedine Zidane said that there is no special routine for Eden currently. Belgian player has already done recovery two-week training and it’s enough for him. Zidane said that the Belgian player is fully ready for 90 minutes’ performance. IT would be interesting to watch him play against the good defense of Levante.

Rodrygo is out of the squad

Zidane said that the Brazilian youngster is very important for the team. One week he is playing and another week he could be out of the squad. It’s a normal thing according to Zidane as a team has 25 players and everyone wants playing time.