Zinedine Zidane was happy after a big win against Celta Vigo. Third win in a row for Los Blancos after a draw in Madrid derby.

Football is tough

Zidane said that football is getting tougher every day because more teams understand how to play. So, big clubs like Real Madrid have to work extra-hard to keep the winning scores. He noted that Real Madrid won the first half and their quality football was maintained in the second half. French coach admitted that the start of the second half was a very tough decision for the squad. Celta Vigo’s players were pressing but it was not a bad decision in the end. Real Madrid players are very proud and satisfied with a big win away from Madrid according to the coach.


Karim Benzema is doing magic

Zinedine Zidane said that Karim Benzema is doing magical things on the pitch. French coach said that the Real Madrid squad knows the quality of Karim Benzema and how perfectly he can create space for teammates. Zidane said that Karim Benzema’s stuff was magical and he did everything to help the team in getting three points. Zidane said that he can’t understand the French national team’s decision to reject Karim Benzema again. French coach believes that French national team will find it tough to win big games without Karim Benzema because of his unique skills in the attacking line. Zidane said that staying in Madrid during the national duties is a good thing for Los Blancos because Benzema will have more energy for big games in April.

The Real Madrid coach praised Celta’s defensive line. He said that the team was doing well until the first goal. Zidane said that he even thought about changing the structure of the team a little bit before Karim Benzema scored. It means that Celta had a really good strategy chosen from a very first minute.