Real Madrid won the first match of the year. It was a tough away match for Los Blancos, but the team could work together and get three points. Zinedine Zidane was happy after the event and answered a few questions.

Lousy match for attacking line

Journalists asked the French coach about the bad game of the attacking line. Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale were not active throughout the game but the team could win in spite of that. Zinedine Zidane said that club would have many bad games during the long-run tournaments. It’s acceptable when the team has other players who can score. Zinedine Zidane noted that the team played very well as a whole, and they deserve a good rest.
French coach also mentioned that many players from the attacking line couldn’t help the team. Zidane said that Hazard’s absence is very problematic, and it’s visible on the field, but the team could get three points.

Winner’s mentality

Zidane was happy with the mindset of the players. Without Sergio Ramos (captain), Real Madrid played a good match in defense and attack. Los Blancos was not useful in the first half, but everything changed in the second half. French coach said that the winner’s mentality could decide the result of the matches.

Luka Modric as the best player

Zinedine Zidane said that Luka Modric was brilliant against Getafe. The French coach was amazed by the performance of the Croatian player. Zidane said that Modric deserved the goal, and it was a classy gesture from Valverde to give assist to Luka.
Zidane also mentioned the work from Fede Valverde. Real Madrid’s coach mentioned the physical performance from Valverde and said that Fede is in perfect shape. If the youngster continues growing mentally in every match, he will achieve big things in his career.

Zidane thinks that patience pays off

Los Blancos coach said that players were very patient for the whole match. It was important to get three points at Getafe’s stadium, and players knew that suffering was inevitable. Zidane was happy for his players because they suffered for the whole match and could get desirable results.