Zinedine Zidane met with journalists on Tuesday evening. French coach talked about Real Madrid’s future goals, matches, and transfer news.


What happening with Gareth Bale?

Journalists asked Zizou about Gareth Bale. French coach said that he is happy with Bale’s progress. The coach said that Real Madrid would be pleased if Welshman plays for Real till the end of the season. At the same time, Zidane admitted that Bale is still recovering from injury, and that’s why he is not playing in La Liga or Champions League.

Today Ryan Giggs noted that Gareth Bale would play for Wales in two weeks. Zidane said that he could be fit for the international break, so he has nothing against national duty.

Mbappe’s transfer and dreams

Zidane talked about Mbappe. French coach hailed his skills and high IQ for a footballer. Zidane also noted that Mbappe’s goal is to play for Real Madrid. Zizou said that Mbappe never hides his affection and love for Los Blancos so that he will play for Real Madrid one day – that’s inevitable.

Zinedine also mentioned that he is happy with the current squad and has no intentions for transfers. French coach noted that he is not thinking about assignments because the current team can win many trophies by the end of the season.

Losing two points against Real Betis

Real Madrid’s admitted that he was not happy with results. On the other hand, ZIzou thinks that the team did everything – they only lack intensity. Overall, Zidane seems very happy with his team.

The French coach has full trust from Los Blancos officials, so he will continue working hard to satisfy Real Madrid fans, officials, and team members.

Match against Galatasaray

The French coach has not included Vinicius again in the Champions League squad. Brazilian youngster had a genuine moment against Betis but could not score a goal. As it seems, Zidane is not happy with Brazilian’s progress, and he will rely on other players.

James Rodriguez is still not included in the squad. Colombian player is not even training with the leading team. Rumors say that James became the father of the second child, and Zidane gave him a week for rest. At the same time, James is out for two weeks already, and we can’t see him with Real’s main squad.