Year has just started, and everyone already had a big expectation from Zinedine Zidane. The French coach is the only one that can manage those high expectations from fans and journalists. On Friday morning, Zinedine Zidane met with journalists to talk about the match against Getafe.

Players who are ready to dominate 2020

Journalists asked Zidane about the preparation. French coach said that preparation means a lot, but in the end, it’s about giving all. Zinedine Zidane noted that it’s essential to provide all on the pitch, and success will come eventually. According to the French coach, not giving everything will be an actual failure.

Winning all possible trophies in 2020

Zidane said that Real Madrid’s primary goal is to win all the trophies. At the same time, Zinedine noted that other teams are also extreme and stable. French coach said that Los Blancos players would try their best to win the Champions League and La Liga.

Champions League or La Liga – What’s better?

Journalists asked Zidane about the Champions League and La Liga. Spanish journalists wanted to know Zidane’s opinion about the importance of each trophy. French coach said that both tournaments are significant.
Zinedine Zidane said that the Champions League is essential because there is a top team from Europe. At the same time, Zidane noted that La Liga has many games throughout the season, and it’s harder to win the long-run tournament.

The first trophy of the season – Spanish SuperCopa

Los Blancos coach said that SuperCopa would be a prestigious trophy. Zinedine noted that Hazard couldn’t play on Super Copa. Belgian player will be back on track from the mid of January. It’s undoubtedly that Hazard can be fully fit by the end of January.

About the transfer of Paul Pogba

Zidane decided to avoid the question about Paul Pogba. Zidane shortly noted that Paul is the player of Manchester United, and he can’t say anything about the player of other teams.