Zinedine Zidane was disappointed after the loss against Levante. It was the second time in a row when Real Madrid dropped important points.

Zidane still has positive thoughts about future

Real Madrid’s coach met with journalists after the match. French coach said that he is very disappointed that the team could not score goals. At the same time, it’s just a football and that kind of thing happens every time. Zinedine Zidane said that Real Madrid will keep working hard to score goals and win matches.

Not a good match for attacking line

Zinedine Zidane said that the attacking line was very good but could not convert shots. Zidane is disappointed because the team has failed in many moments. At the same time, Levante has attacked only one and scored an easy goal.

French coach said that the team has to work on the conversion of shots. Zidane wants Real Madrid to score more goals because other than that everything is fine. 

Bad run in La Liga and losing leadership to Barcelona

As you may know, Real Madrid was the leader of La Liga. Unfortunately to Zidane, Real Madrid lost the leadership to Barcelona. Blaugrana won the match yesterday and Messi shined as forward scored four goals in the net of Eibar. Barcelona is now two points ahead of Los Blancos.

Zidane said that standing does not matter at this stage. Everything can happen until the end of the season. French coach said that the most important thing is to keep working hard and win more matches.

Zinedine Zidane said that Real Madrid will play for everything against Blaugrana. The match will be played at Santiago Bernabeu on 1st March fo 2020. 

Meanwhile, Real Madrid has a match against Manchester City. It’s very important to tie for Zidane as Pep Guardiola was last chance to win the Champions League currently. The city is banned from Uefa for the next two seasons, so Pep will do everything to win Champions League trophy this season.