Zinedine Zidane met with the press after another loss in La Liga. Team manager said that it’s a very sad day for Real Madrid fans. You may know that Los Blancos lost their home-game against Alaves.

What’s wrong with the team?

Zidane answered many questions but mostly he had one main message. Zidane said that the team has lost the touch of consistency. Unlike previous seasons, Real Madrid players can’t have good performances consistently. That’s why Los Merengues can win an away match against Barca and then lose matches against Alaves and Betis. What is a problem for Zinedine Zidane’s squad? Definitely the consistency. Experts believe that Real Madrid’s current squad did their jobs for many years. Should they part away from Los Blancos? Team is playing with the same squad for many years. Luka Modric and Toni Kroos can’t give new blood to Real Madrid’s attacking strategy. Odegaard is too young still and that’s why he is not visible. Eden Hazard can’t even have a healthy match in two seasons. 

Real Madrid could not change the dynamic of the match

Zinedine Zidane was worried about the outcome. He said that performance against Alaves says a lot about the players. He said that Real Madrid can’t change the dynamic of the match when losing the game. It’s football when you may score or concede first, so the team must have power within to change the dynamic. Zidane says that Real Madrid lost the power to change the dynamic of the game. That’s why he has to find solutions and work harder than ever with the squad members.